We are happy to host private tastings in our tasting room, a setting as unique and authentic as our wines.  We can comfortably accommodate up to 20 people, so that is our maximum capacity for guests.  The minimum number of guests for a private tasting is 6.  Note we do not do private tastings during regular hours the tasting room is open.  Private tastings can possibly be arranged during the week or after 6:00 PM on Saturday or Sunday.

As long as guests buy at least this minimum amount of wine, they will only pay for the wine, not the private use of our facility.

It works this way: For a private tasting, we expect a commitment of $50 per person.  Usually, no one pays that and here’s why: For every 3 bottles poured at the tasting or purchased to go, one person’s private tasting fee is free.  As long as at least 3 bottles per guest is accounted for, then in essence all you pay for is the wine and not the use of the facility.

Take this example: 10 people want a private tasting on a Thursday from 5-7:30p.m.   A total of 30 bottles, either poured or bought to go, will mean no one has to pay the $50 fee.  Say, 6 bottles are served to guests for the tasting.  Of course the 6 bottles have to be paid for, but that means the $50 private tasting fee is waived for 2 of the 10 people.  Say some of the guests buy 3 bottles to go.  Some buy 2 to go.  The total bottles bought to go comes to 24 bottles between the 10 people.  That’s a total of 30 bottles (average of 3 per person) so all people pay for is the wine poured and bought to go.  The use of our facility privately is free in that case.

Let’s take that same group of 10 people.  6 Bottles were poured, but they’re not buying wine, for whatever reason.  Let’s say, in addition to the 6 bottles poured, only 12 bottles are bought to go between 10 people.  That’s a total of 18 bottles of wine poured or bought to go.  So, for every 3 bottles, a $50 private tasting fee is waived.  Here we are 12 bottles shy of the 3 per bottles per person.  So, while $300 of the private tasting fee is waived (for 6 of the 10), 4 private tasting fees would be owed.  In that case, the charge is for the wine, plus $200 private tasting fee (for 4 of 10 people).  How and who pays the $200 is up to the group.

Private tasting groups are encouraged to bring bread, cheese, charcuterie or whatever food parings they like as we do not furnish it.  Better yet, you could have a dinner catered.  Once we did a private tasting-catered 5 course dinner for the facility at the UT Dental School in San Antonio.  There were 14 guests.  As they were in a buying mood, they paid only for the caterer and the wine they drank or bought to go and nothing for the private use of our facility.

We are happy to suggest what might go well with the wines being served.  Groups will have to provide their own plates, napkins, etc. and will be responsible for taking with them whatever they brought, including any trash items.  Of course, good caterers will do all of that for you.

Those wishing to organize a private tasting can contact the tasting room at 830-899-2723.

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